Humanities Learning Laboratory

A space where professionals share and learn

A Personal Invitation

We would like to offer you a space, a community, where professionals dedicated to the craft of teaching humanities, can share resources, methods and ideas.
To truly reinvent learning, professionals must connect with each other across curriculum lines, teaching not only vertically, but horizontally as well.

Humanities Laboratory - (when is optional)

Monday, May 14th, 8am

Visit the website, Humanities Learning Lab, visit the Humanities Resource Page and the Learning Laboratory Page and decide if you would like to join the community.
The goal is for teachers of the humanities to share what they are doing in their classrooms so that other teachers can connect to and reinforce learning across classes, as well as, learn to perfect and take risks with our teaching.
Secondly, as we welcome student teachers and interns into our classrooms, this will provide them a space where they can connect with us after they leave our district.
1. Join at your convenience by requesting membership.
2. The creator will approve and grant organizer and editing rights.
3. Share and comment whenever it fits your schedule.
4. Borrow, tweak and collaborate at will.

Loretta Veers

As part of my library certification I need to demonstrate numerous skills. This particular adventure will help me to meet the following: group dynamics and communications, technology, and instructional leadership . Your contributions will help not only myself, but your colleagues as well.
Thank you very much for your help.