By Evan Johnson

Alcatraz Mysteries

Alcatraz is locates in San Francisco Bay, California, on Alcatraz Island. It is on an island between Oakland and San Francisco. It is a place with a cell per person.

There have been no confirmed escapes from Alcatraz. Fifty years ago, three men set out into the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay on a raft made from raincoats. Their names were Frank Morris, and John and Clarence Anglin. This was named one of the most daring prison escapes in history. It was strange because Alcatraz was named the unescapable prison. Nobody knows if they survived or not.

Evidence about the escape

Back in 1962, everyone suspected that Frank Morris, and John and Clarence Anglin drowned during their escaped. But new found evidence states that they have might of lived through the mid-70s or even still be alive today. If they were alive today, they would be in their mid-80s. One piece of evidence is that the brothers' mother recieved a Christmas card three years after their escape. It arrived without postage. Another chunk of evidence was found when investigators dug up the brothers; older brother: Alfred Anglin. He died when trying to escape from an Alabama prison and ended up getting electrocuted. They needed to get his DNA to see if it matched some bones that washed up San Francisco's shore in 1963 that is believed to of belonged to one of the escapees. But it didn't, claiming that the two escapees still might be alive. It could still belong to Frank Morris though; he has no living relatives.

The Escapees of June 1962:

What happened to the escapees?

Theories and Facts

Some theories I have about the escapees whereabouts if that they made it safely to San Francisco's coast, and continued to live their life under wraps, but safely. Then, when they got the chance, they either flew to the opposite side of the country, or another country. Another one is that the "raincoat raft" sunk, and they eithrt froze to death or drowned. People would probably be hesitant about my theory because it's not backed with enough evidence.

Theories that other people have had include one by scientists predicting with all the options. Using information about the tides, the three escapees could of been swept by the tides and made it near the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fun facts about alcatraz

- The notorius Chicago gangster Al Capone played banjo for the Rock Islanders, a band made by several inmates at Alcatraz.

- Alcatraz's max capacity was only 450.

- Alcatraz wasnt used for the most dangerous prisoners. It was used for prisoners who kept escaping and need to adjust their attitude.