case that is all that i need

date of birth



Charlotte, NC

how do you know this person

because it is ME

why is this person a hero to you

first off it is i that had made myself a hero to i, and i have encouraged myself to sing and do art, i have always loved to sing every since i even knew i could and so i kept it up and i have been getting better at it every time i do sing. I encouraged me to sing and that is about it

how has this person made a positive impact in your life

me and my inner self have given me advice beyond any one that have given me advice.And myself have tried to help others but it has never worked so that is how i started out being my own best friend. just to give you some advice "no one is your friend, they might be a "friend" but they don't know you like you know your self" and that piece of advice had given me the strength to be me and that is the positive impact

How can you be more like this person

I can't because it is ME

inspiring song

this is a song that insperid me to write the title and write to you guys it is called

"ME,MYSELF, and I"

HD Beyonce - Me, Myself and I with Lyrics (Dangerously in Love)