Arctic Fox: survival methods.

By McKayla Thomas

Definition of Floes.

Floes- Floes are a sheet of floating ice.

Arctic Foxes stand on floes to catch their pray that is in the water.

Definition of Recede.

Recede- is a go or move back or further away from a previous position.

The leaves recede from the tree when they fall.

Definition of Domestic Dog.

Domestic Dog- are house dogs that have been around since prehistoric times.The disease can occur in many breeds. They also can spread a deadly disease.

My friend just got a new domestic dog .

Summary of what I learned.

What I have learned about Arctic Foxes was amazing. They are born in a burrow or a den, in late spring. When the cubs are born they are blind and are a size of a kitten. The full size is about as big as a large cat and maybe bigger. At two weeks they open their eyes and at age 3 they go outside of the den or burrow and explore. Some of their adaptations are about their fur. An Arctic Fox sheds its fur in the spring/summer to camouflage with its surroundings. Since, their fur sheds to get thinner and also turns a black gray, in the winter their coat grows thicker and turns white again. It gets thick in the winter because the temperatures are very low. The thickness helps them survive the freezing temperatures. When they hunt their ability to camouflage themselves helps them get their pray. When white in the winter, they blend in with the snow so that their pray doesn't see them until it's to late! When they hunt in the water, they stand at the edge or stand on floes that are out of their reach from the edge, and float to catch their pray. They have hair on the pads of their feet so that their feet don't freeze. Now this is what shocked me, an Arctic Fox, surprisingly have a very short life time. They usually live up to 3-6 years!! The reason they have a very short life time is, because of the disease spread from the domestic dog. Also, the Arctic tundra has receded so that gives way to the Red fox. The Arctic Fox dies from that. Red fox can start to take over. They are also in the dog family. That is what I have learned about the Arctic Foxes amazing life!

My Connections with the Arcitc Fox.

I made several connections with the Arctic Fox. My first connection with the Arctic fox, was with it's use of camouflage. The Arctic fox blends into it's surroundings to make it easier to catch prey, Just like when I play laser tag , I always dress in black so that it is harder for my opponent to see me and easier for me to tag them. I have seen the Red fox at my house use the brownish red to camouflage with the brush and the ground to catch my chickens. I have seen them do it before. Red foxes also move really slow so that the camouflage works. My second connection is how they shed layers between seasons, It reminds me of how my dogs leaver all their fur around the house when the weather changes. Another connection is how I shed layers depending on the weather. In the winter, I wear darker colors and heavy cloths and in the summer I wear brighter cloths that are not has heavy. exp: snow pants and mittens in the winter,shorts and tank tops in the summer. Those are my several connections that I made with the Arctic Fox.

The picture up above is of the Arctic Tundra.