The Night Owls Team Newsletter

February 2016

Amy Derkowski

Enrolled ~ June 21, 2012

Senior Consultant ~ Sept. 2012

Director ~ March 2013

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Hello Night Owls!

Spring has sun for Thirty-One and I sure hope our customers are as excited about the new catalog as we are! I just love the bright and bold colors and patterns that are available and all of the personalization options too! I really think our pillows will do very well and I encourage you all to have a virtual pillow fight and ask your customers to practice personalizing some online and posting to share their ideas. Within the next week, I plan on posting something along these lines within my customer group.

Set Sail for a Spectacular Spring and don't stop Booking, Partying and Sharing to Opportunity! I'd love to see our team grow by at least 5 new members by April!

Please continue to use our team page as a resource and share what's working for you!


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Share the Gift of the Opportunity!

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The Night Owls Team Facebook Page

A great place to go for updates, encouragement and questions. We love to hear new ideas on how to work our business! Feel free to post any time, I'm sure our team can help you out!

Thirty-One Today

Check TOT daily for important company announcements. *Challenge yourself to visit the training section at least once a week, there are great videos and 31 minute calls. * Be familiar with the Business Updates before each party

Celebrate * Encourage * Reward

November Party Owls $400+

Becky O'Brien $509

Christine Segrue $506

Amanda Walker $500

Melissa Simonds $420

Team Stats ~ January 2016

Total parties 13

Total recruits 0

Team sales $9,850

Team members 17

Past Month's Team Sales, Parties and Recruits

October $11,152; 21 Parties

November $7,906; 16 Parties

December $8,523; 16 Parties; 1 recruit

January $9,850; 13 Parties

Total to date $37,431; 66 parties; 1 recruit

Goal by March 31, 2016 $60,000 TS, 100 parties, 5 recruits

Director's Stats - January 2016

Number of parties: 5

Numer of recruits: 0

Party Volume: $3,443

*Remember I posted my challenge that you have Jan - March to beat my January total!

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Congratulations to our Ready, Set, Sell Earners!

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Level 2 - Carrie Luke and Annette Harris

Level 1 - Mary Maruscak

Head Shots Requested!

I love using pictures in our newsletters so we can all put a face and name with our team members and for congratulating you for all of your hard work. PLEASE send me a picture of yourself that you really like so I don't have to keep swiping them from Facebook :)

Sharing News …..

If you would like to share any news for our announcements section, please contact me by the 1st of the month. I reserve the right to shamelessly steal news from Facebook!
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What will your pillow say? Post yours on our team page and share with your customers!

Happy Spring 31!
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