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A message from Mr. Bloom

Equity Vision Statement

The Pennsbury School District is committed to fostering an inclusive educational environment that understands, respects, and embraces individual differences as assets that serve to enhance our school community. Educational equity-- the practice of distributing resources, access, and opportunity based on fairness and justice regardless of race, ethnicity, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, language, disability, or socio-economic status-- will serve as the foundation of all decision-making to ensure equitable outcomes for every learner.

We believe…

  • caring, supportive relationships, feelings of belonging, and social emotional development are foundational to healthy identity development and meaningful learning.

  • all students deserve access to and opportunity for academic excellence and positive identity development in school.

  • culturally relevant curricula, universally designed instructional practices, and diverse extracurricular programs foster academic success, strong character, positive identity development, and civility in all of our students.

  • faculty and staff composed of diverse backgrounds and talents are essential to supporting culturally responsive instruction and practice.

  • strong, supportive family-school and community-school partnerships are essential to student success and an inclusive educational environment.

  • learning is a lifelong process and intelligence can be developed through effort and perseverance.

  • self-awareness, critical reflection of system processes, and data-driven practices are essential to growth and accountability.

What is NEST?

  1. Modeled after the high school program

  2. Using the CASEL Framework

    1. Self-management

    2. Self-awareness

    3. Social awareness

    4. Relationship skills

    5. Responsible decision-making

  3. Taking place on Friday’s throughout the year during PE/Health in small groups

Click Here for the CASEL Framework

Topics Covered Earlier in the Year

  • Introduction to The Nest: Ground Rules & Taking Ownership-Self-Awareness: Self Perception and recognizing strengths
  • Team Building-Relationship Skills: Building relationships & Working cooperatively
  • SWPBIS (PRIDE) Core Values
  • Daily Check-ins-Self-Awareness: Self Perception and recognizing strengths, Identifying emotions

  • Study and Organizational Skills

  • “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” -Taking Responsibility-Responsible Decision Making: Identifying problems, Solving problems and Ethical Responsibility

  • Ticket Without a Seat-Self Management: impulse control

  • Responsible Decision making: Identifying problems and solving problems

  • Finding Balance-Self-Awareness: Identifying emotions and Self-Management: Stress management

  • No “Likes” on Instagram-Understanding the impact of social media and the brain

  • Real Conversations about Stress

  • Kindness and the impact it has on others

  • Winter Blues… What Charges Your Battery?-Self-Management Stress management, Self-discipline, Self-motivation, Self-Awareness-Recognizing strengths, Self-efficacy

  • Making Mistakes is Being Human

  • Stereotypes

Upcoming Topics


  • Asking for help-How to Advocate for yourself
  • Making Mistakes is Being HumanActions of Individual Impact

  • Everyone Hits a wall-Study Habits, Tips, and Tricks

  • By-stander effect-empathy
  • Learner vs Student-What is the difference?

  • We Too are America-Understanding perspectives from all cultures

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