Bobcat Bulletin

September 19,2016

Dear Super Staff,

I realize and understand how difficult our job is. Thank you for the attention, dedication and passion you bring each day focused on student learning. Teaching is complicated, sophisticated, and complex.

We are finishing our 5th week of ELA instruction. Please save one writing sample thus far and a copy of your ELA unit assessment. I'd like to see a copy and post them in the lounge. This will show the progression of writing through the grade levels. Please put the writing sample and unit test in my mailbox on my door by Friday. K-3 is narrative and 4-6 is informational/explanatory.

Just For Your Info:

Parent volunteers:

Please make sure ALL parent volunteers that come in each week have been cleared to volunteer by sending them to Nydia.

MEE Loop Duty:

We have had a few parent complaints about impatient parents cutting in line.

When on duty, one of you will need to watch kids under the tree, one of you will need to monitor cars and wave them forward. Please discourage double parking or cutting.

Kim Marshall Memo

The classics are always a reflective read.

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I have attached different types of assessments ideas to use in your classrooms.

Now is the time to hunker down and have a laser like focus on increasing your knowledge of standards and objectives in ELA and Math. If writing or the My Math are too overwhelming right now, I would rather you set them aside until you are more in the swing of things with ELA and Math instruction. These are the two areas we are tested in. I am not saying writing, ELD, Science or SS are not important, but I am saying prioritize! The BIG ROCKS are ELA, Math and increasing student achievement. The other content areas can be brought in at a slower pace. I hope this gives you some breathing room.