Larson Newsletter

News You Can Use on August 18, 2020

We're Going Back to School!

Hello Larson Families

This is a very LONG newsletter, full of details and information regarding our school opening on Wednesday.

The entire staff has been working hard to get our school ready and we can't wait to see your children in person OR virtually if you have chosen the AT HOME option.

Below is a quick reference to give you the overview of our changes. Detailed informaiton will follow later in the newsletter.

Quick Reference for Opening Day:

o School is 5 days a week.

o School Doors open at 9:00 am.

o Doors are open from 9:00-9:25 and 3:30-4:00.

o Doors remain locked daily and entry requires the use of our new doorbell.

o Students are to be dropped off on the curb or ride the bus to school.

o Parents may begin picking up students at 3:30.

o Pick Up is on the CURB not in the gym, via FAST LANE

o Busses will depart Larson at 4:00.

o MASKS are highly encouraged for all students but are mandated for all staff, teachers, students in grades 3-5 and ANY ADULT entering the building.

o Personal Supplies are NOT to be shared.

o Lunch is in the classroom.

o Recess has been assigned by grade level.

o Classrooms are arranged for the maximum space between students as possible.

o Students will walk on the right side of the hallways with social distancing as they transition around the building.

o Handwashing is required multiple times daily and all classrooms have sinks & soap.

o Students will rotate between Music, PE, & Library


If you have recently traveled or been around someone you suspect has been exposed to COVID or if anyone in your family is showing signs of illness-- please DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL.

Larson's Mitigation Plan

All schools have posted COVID Mitigation Plans. You can access them through our school website or the district website. The plan outlines community alert levels: Green, Yellow and Red.

Contact us if you have questions about the plan: (907) 352-2300


Since our last communication; there has been a change in the plan to post rosters. As of today ALL students attending school have been contacted by their teachers. If you haven't heard from a teacher, please check your voicemail and feel free to contact us.

Rosters will NOT be posted on our building this year.


Students are not allowed to be dropped off prior to doors opening at 9:00 AM. With our new door bell system, the main doors will open promptly at 9:00 AM and will remain open until 9:25.

Doors are locked from 9:25-3:30 daily. If you need to pick up your child early, please call the front office for the process or just follow the instructions on window near the Door Bell when you arrive.

Every morning, staff will be on the curbside to assist as you drop off your children and they will walk independently into school.


We are highly encourgaing all parents to drop off their child on the curb or send your student on the bus.

However, we recognize it is the first day of school and so many of us are excited about returning to our building. We have a plan to safely allow parents to walk their children to the doors of the classroom, but everyone must adhere to the following guidelines:

1) Please park and wait until 9:10 before forming a line with social distancing of at least 6 feet. You will not be allowed to enter prior to 9:10. This will allow us time to get all students who are being dropped off and those students riding the bus into the building.

2) Only one adult and your student will enter the building. Other children/siblings will NOT be allowed in the building.

3) Staff will let small groups of parents into the building---in a staggered fashion. Please be patient it may take us a while to get everyone in and out.

4) ALL ADULTS MUST WEAR A MASK and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

5) When prompted by a staff member: You may take your child directly to their classroom and say goodbye at the door. Please walk on the right side of the hallway.

Parents are NOT allowed in the classroom.

6) Please know that teachers will have very limited time and may only give you a quick hello while socially distancing. Please respect their space and time on this very unusual first day of school. If you'd like to chat please make arrangements for phone calls before/after school.

7) Please do not linger and exit as quickly as possible so our next group of parents can get their students to class.

8) Thank you in advance for your patience/understanding as we are limiting the number of people in the building, but everyone who wishes to participate will have an opportunity.

9) After the first day of school, it is the expectation that ALL students will be either dropped off at the curb or will be enter the building directly from the busses.



1) Tuesday afternoon/evening: you will recieve a "Welcome" email from School Dismissal Manager.

2) The email will provide information about our curbside pick-up process called FAST LANE and give you a PIN NUMBER.

3) When you arrive at Larson you will have options:

a. Scan the QR CODE, which will be posted as you drive in. This will be your "check in" for your pick up and then you pull to the curb

b. Pull to the curb and give a staff member your 6 digit pin number

Either way your chidren will then be sent to the curb from their classrooms.

This process begins at 3:30. If you want to pick up your child earlier, you will need to park, use the door bell and wait for assistance.

Bonus: No more waiting in the gym and parents get to leave the campus BEFORE the busses!


1) Each grade level will have 30 minutes of recess daily

2) The playground is divided into ZONES and students will rotate through the zones.

3) Each class will be supervised by the same monitor for extended periods of time.

4) Each zone will have specific toys and equipment that is either changed out or cleaned between recesses.

5) Students will go to the bathroom and wash hands prior to going to recess and upon re-entry into the classroom.

6) While at recess, students will NOT be allowed back into the building; unless it is an emergency.

7) No toys or games from home will be allowed to be used at school.

8) Please send your child with appropriate all weather gear. We will be going outside in the rain and snow. ALL GEAR needs to be labeled.


1) Lunch is in the classroom and is scheduled for 30 minutes.

2) Students will wash hands prior to and after eating.

3) Students will be asked to keep their eating area cleaned.

4) Parents please send lunch items that your child can open independently.

5) Lunch items sent from home should be in a lunch box and cold lunch ready.

6) Microwaves and refrigerators are NOT available.

7) Students MAY NOT share or trade food or drinks.

8) Students having Hot Lunch, will have their lunches delivered to the classroom.


1) Please let your child’s teacher know if your child will be getting breakfast.

2) Breakfast will be delivered to the classroom each morning.


1) Snacks are allowed and are at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

2) If parents wish to donate snacks, please check with your homeroom teacher first and note that all food items donated will need to be store bought and individually wrapped.

3) Birthdays: Please check with your homeroom teacher for options for birthday celebrations.


1) Students will continue to rotate through specials each day on our ABC rotation.

2) Time has been allocated between classes for extra cleaning and sanitation.

3) Each student is going to be given a Larson cinch sack, to transport library books to and from class.

4) Books returned to the library, will be quarantined for 72 hours before being shelved.

5) Choir is postponed but Band will be scheduled in small groups.

6) Music class may be held in the gym, outside or in another classroom to help with social distancing/space.

7) PE will be held outside whenever possible.

8) When in the Yellow Zone, Specialists may go into classrooms to minimize contact with others in the building.


If your child left personal belongings at school during the 4th quarter shut down they are either:

1) Labeled, in a bag and have been given to their new homeroom teacher

2) Labeled, in a bag and waiting in the Eagle’s nest to be picked up because you are now doing At Home Learning

3) They were not labeled and are in the lost and found.

Staff Changes

Leslie Burdick and Tim Dorsey are now Larson’s Virtual Teachers. Mr. Dorsey will be teaching K-2 and Mrs. Burdick will be teaching 3-5.

Mrs. Lund is now teaching 1st Grade

Ms. Hills will have a substitute to start the year in 3rd grade.

Mrs. Chandler will have a substitute to start the year in 2nd grade.

Larson’s COVID Response Team

Beckie Murphy Principal

Polly Rowell Instructional Coach

Rebecca Ramilo Nurse

Molly Johnson Administrative Secretary

Chris Stegall Librarian

Covid Closure Packets

Teachers will be sending home a packet of materials that will be used ONLY when school is closed and we have moved to REMOTE LEARNING. More information is outlined in the cover letter and you can contact your child's teacher if you have questions.


There are a lot of new procedures &policies but what isn't new is our enthusaism to teach your children.

We missed our Larson Eagles and can't wait to see them on Wedneday. THANK YOU FAMILIES for helping us out to keep our kids, staff and teachers all safe.