Do kids get judged based on their race at school

Do kids get judged based on their race at school

Do people get judged based on their race at school?

I belive that kids in schools get judged at schools. If you do not know what judging means it means when one student starts thinking how another student is not smart based on the way he or she looks. This could go for many other things how a student is bad in sports. Or a student from another country comes new to a schools and does not have good english.


Fisher was an student she was an very good student. she wanted to be one But because of her color and race other kids started to tease her. Also because she was a good student but she did not get a admission in the university that she wanted to go to.

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(Barack Obama)

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the president of america. But when he was people judged him but not by his color but in fact his character and how he looked like. People also said that he is from africa and he is black but now he rules amarica.

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(Richie incognito)

richie incognito

Richie incognito a football player on dolphins got suspended fro calling one of his teammate the n word just by mistake. And got suspended Richie said that do not judge me by that word also because he was white he was hate by black people.

An Experiment on Children Which Shows The Effect of Racism on Their Subconscious

the doll test

this test was done to show what kids think of black and white.see what happens.