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What's This All About?

It is my goal to record video clips and pictures of events and lessons in our classroom. My hope is for you to see and hear what our kindergarten students are learning each week in our classroom! Please let me know what you think! :)

Math Strategies

Our kindergarten students have been working very hard to learn strategies for solving addition and subtraction equations. After spending time working with each strategy, students are now able to select their favorite strategy that will allow them to efficiently solve their problem. The strategies our students have learned are:

  • Use your fingers.
  • Use manipulatives.
  • Draw a picture.
  • Use a number line.

IMG 2344

Draw a Picture

Kinsley explains how she used the draw a picture strategy to solve her equation 3+2=5.

Use Manipulatives

Connor explains his strategy of using manipulatives. He is using one of our favorite math tools, linking cubes.

Use Your Fingers

Briar demonstrates his strategy of using his fingers to solve his equation.
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Christina Hall, NBCT

Hello! My name is Christina Hall and I am a kindergarten teacher at Austin Tracy Elementary in Barren County, Kentucky. During my 21 years of experience, I have also taught ECE, Reading Recovery, primary and 4th grade. Besides National Board Teacher Certification in the area of Literacy, I have certifications in Elementary Education, Learning and Behavior Disorders, and Reading Specialist Endorsement.

In addition to teaching my precious kindergarten students, parent involvement is an area in which I strive to improve.