PlanetSide 2 Weekly Update

July 25, 2014

Hey there, folks. No video going out later this week for the Weekly Update. So go ahead and share this if you find anything interesting here, could you?

Community News

Valkyrie Screencaps and more from Higby Pls stream.

Click on the link to view.

List of Auraxium Weapon Reward Names.

These come from the Directive System as the ultimate rewards for certain categories.

A Letter from the Producer of PlanetSide 2

David Carey was recently made Producer of PlanetSide 2. If you pay attention to the forums, or reddit, or twitter, or basically anything PlanetSide 2 + Internet related, you've probably seen him.

Here's a letter from him to all of you:

Requesting quotable tips for upcoming class videos.

It's also a great thread to look at if you're a newer player who would like some advice.

Empire specific MBT weapons to be tuned.

Alright, after a bunch of discussion we'll be adjusting all three empire specific anti-infantry MBT weapons.

Looks like it'll be a reduction in magazine size for the PPA, increased projectile velocity for the Marauder, and CoF reduction + Minimum Damage increase for the Canister.

Iridar51's Performance Guide

Iridar51 just posted a guide to getting better performance out of PlanetSide 2. Good framerates seem to be an increasing struggle now a days, hopefully someone find the information in here useful.

Channel News

Battle Rank: Go! postponed until August.

Wednesday, Aug. 6th 2014 at 6-8pm

This is an online event.

Battle Rank: Go! will not be taking place this week, but will continue as normal the following week. Be sure to follow to check out the other livestreams happening in the meantime.

Videos this week.

Not much this week, thanks to real life stuff, but I've listed the couple of videos here so far, and below as well.

Ground Bound (Killstreak Tuesday)

Battle Rank: Go! (Episode 3, playing VS)

Ground-Bound - Killstreak Tuesday (PlanetSide 2 Light Assault)
Battle Rank: Go! (Week Three, VS from BR1) - PlanetSide 2 Twitch VOD

Other Stuff

Will be out of town until August.

That means no new videos and such until then. Had planned to have some bonus content ready in advance, but that didn't so much pan out as it did... not pan out.

I should still be checking Twitter from time to time though. (

Thanks, folks.

For kicks, I've left a list of my characters below.

Active Character List

(VS) Wrel

(TR) Engeist

(NC) WrelPlays

Inactive Character List

(VS) WarpathWrel

(TR) VengefulWrel

(NC) CautiousWrel