Autumn's Photojournalism Portfolio

Autumn Saunders 5A/B Portfolio


In my ( meaning actually me Autumn Saunders), You guys will be looking back on some of the good and not so good pictures I have taken over half of the year of 2015 and in the beginning of 2016. So I hope you enjoy my pictures!:))


The first category we will glance at will be my Photoshop edit, which will be my best three pictures and which each of these photos the caption at the bottom will explain the process I have done to edit these pictures in my opinion. Hope you enjoy! These are the best 3.

Elements of Composition

In the world of photography, we have guidelines to help make your photo look amazing maybe even a 'Abstract work of art'. So here are some of the different compositions that helped make my photos personally better. These are the top 5.

Leading lines

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Bird's Eye

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Showcase // Photo Gallery

Here are the top 6 pictures that I very much enjoy taking & looking at, I hope you like them too!!

Written Reflection

This semester has been great!! I've had experienced a lot of new and have learned about photography. I have learned the compostions of how to take a good photo and how to work well others even though I was working with my partner (all the time for everything). During the semester we were assigned projects to do, and one of my top favorite projects were the Humans of Fossil Ridge (which you'll see later). The reason why I like it so much is because I got to know some people better as themselves and now we are close friends (or father-daughter relationship). The way I feel about photography has definetly boosted my confidence about taking photo's. I knew I was taking some bad pictures with the quality and the way it was but now I'm happy with my new phone and I know what makes a good photo and now I can accomplish with it and now sometimes people say I'm ''A immature professional photographer'', which always brightens my mood.

Camera Operations

This section will have important 5 parts of camera and to explain, how to use each part of the camera. Like the on/off and zoom etc...
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On the top of your camera there should be several button like the shutter button and the zoom. There should also be the ON/OFF button. To turn on your camera you would have to drag the button to the right and hold it for 3-4 seconds and when you hear the welcoming sound your camera should turn on.

Humans of Fossil Ridge

"I don't really have quote...I guess soccer is life" and laughs awkwardly - Aidan Alvarez
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History of Photography

1) In the year 1826; Nicephore Niepce has the first permanent photograph of a view from nature.

2) In the 1900 year; The brownie camera (which was created for women and children) was invented for everyone to enjoy.

3) 2 years after the brownie camera, the kodak camera was first had the photo CD for everyone to look back and for everyone to enjoy.

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Photojournalist Feature

The person I was assigned with was Brandon Stanton. At first Brandon wanted nothing to do with photography, but life was not turning well for him. So he began to talk to random people and take pictures of the people of New York and now he has tons of followers on Instagram and tells the people he interviews stories.
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Photojournalism Law and Ethics

Non-Malfience: To me this means that we have to make sure that this is not insulting abode in anyway, like race, or gender, or religion an dee have to make sure it won't everyone.

Fidelity; Means that we are keeping the truth real and its not a lie

Justice; We are showing fair treatment to everyone including everyone and no being mean to one person.