#mindfulAISD (9/26)

Mindfulness in the Austin Independent School District

Week of September 26th

Welcome to the #mindfulAISD newsletter for the week of September 26th. This will serve as a way to highlight the awesome mindfulness work being done across the entire district as well as offer resources. Have suggestions for material you'd like to see on here? Please email the SEL Mindfulness Specialist: james.butler@austinisd.org


Want to Showcase Your Mindfulness Work?

Send James Butler an email with a brief story and/or photo (if you have photo releases for your students). Or if you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #mindfulAISD and I'll post a link to your tweet on the newsletter.


Replacing Detention with Meditation

An article about an elementary school in Baltimore has gone viral regarding their practice of replacing detention with meditation. There are a couple schools in AISD interested in piloting something similar. Talk about Growth Mindset! It's exciting to have leadership in our district that is interested in trying new approaches to help reach ALL of our students. Photo below from the article on Upworthy.

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Guided Mindfulness Tracks (in Spanish & English!)

Mindful Life Project is an incredible organization based out of Richmond, CA. They teach mindfulness, yoga, expressive arts, and hip-hop/performing arts to elementary and middle school students in underserved communities. They have a SoundCloud site full of free guided mindfulness tracks in Spanish and English. Check it out and see if it's something you'd like to use in class. As always, it's recommended to listen on your own before playing for your class. They also have a free app titled "Mindful Life Project."
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Don't Forget About GoNoodle!

A lot of teachers use GoNoodle, but did you know they have awesome mindfulness videos too? Go to the CATEGORIES tab at the top of the page and look for "calming" and "stretching." They have a bunch of great videos to use for daily mindfulness time and/or mindfulness breaks. GoNoodle can be found in the AISD cloud and then you have access to GoNoodle Plus with ALL of the videos.

If you haven't done so yet, share gonoodle.com with your students' families so they can sign up for a FREE account to use at home.

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Mindful Classrooms--Week 6

If you're using Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide, I recommend using Week 6 this week. It's a very loose recommendation though. Please do what's best for you and your students. If you'd like the free electronic copy of the book, please feel out the Google Form at the bottom of this page.
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Sign Up for Mindfulness Support

If you haven't filled out the #mindfulAISD Google Form (below) and want to highlight your work and/or receive mindfulness support, please check it out. It only takes about 1 minute to complete. Know someone in AISD interested in mindfulness? Send them this newsletter for them to fill out the Google Form.


James Butler

SEL Mindfulness Specialist