Ahlan Morocco

Comfort Food

Do you enjoy nice comfortable meals? Then you should consider visiting here. Every meal is served with fresh bread to scoop the food while you sit on cushions around a low table. You may be eating chicken with lots of spices or wonderful pastries with honey.

Symbols of Morocco

School Days

If you went to school in Morocco you would go to school at eight in the morning walk home at noon and return after lunch. When you return study still five in the afternoon. The public schools have different colors the girls wear a tablier which looks like a lab coat. The private schools are mostly taught in french.
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Henna is what Morrocans will design their hands with in the month of fasting it is made from the powder of the Henna plant.


Morocco borders the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea it is the size of California or Iraq.

شكرا لك و الى اللقاء

Thank you and goodbye