The Best Job Ever

Describing The Job

My job is Veterinarians because I love animals and you get pay good. For being a Veterinary you need a few things and you need a education. A Veterinary need a lisence for the people can approve that he or she knows how to check the animals. They also need to go to a college of Veterinary. Then you will have to graduate with a degree called Degree Of Doctor Veterinary Medicine Degree. The outlook of these job is about a 12% as fast average. The salary of a Veterinary is about $ 84,400 / per month. Sometimes is more or less because it's depend on where you are working.

You need to love it for you can do it.

Why do I choose these job?

I choose these job because I love animals and more dogs and cats. When I see a animals alone in the street all I want to do is go and help and then get him a new home that how much I love animals. Sometimes I want to go and volunteer in the hospitals of Veterinary or go to pet cod and help them. That how I really want to have these job when I finish high school. I choose it too because the idea of helping animals all around the world is for a good reason. If some people like to eat animals so why they don't become a veterinarian and go and help the animals that need help them because they are diving of sickness or because we are eating them. So go and help the animals. I had hear that animals are like us and we are like the animals. You need to love animals for love the job and it's not all about the money. I know that it's a lot of money but is all about caring about the animals all around the world. That why I choose these Jo's and that why I love these job too.