I Wish

I wish I was tall as Taylor swift.

I wish i had a BMW.

I wish I had more time for joking around.

I wish i had hazel green eyes.

I wish I had ombre hair.

I wish I had a cannon camera.


We met years ago

And I fell in love with you slowly.

Not in a romantic way, but as a brother I loved you.

And you loved me back.

And you were young then, living in the moment.

Not a worry in the world.

Yor smile bringing one on my face.

But then you started to get older.

And you didn't smile as much.

Your eyes slowly lost their sparkle, like the stars.

There was nothing I could do.

But wait until the day, I lost you.

Thank You

Sometimes I think I should leave.

Leave you to your decisions.

I remember the happy days we spent,

laughing and talking.

I remember the bad days,

where we talked for endless hours on the phone talking about your problems.

You say you love me,

as a friend.

And for that reason, I leave.

But before I do,

Thank You.

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