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Happy New Year to All!


Ever thought of wishing there was a place to input all your students answers, questions, or responses in order to collaborate together. A well thought out website called Padlet fits the purpose. And it is fun! It is a website but can be used with an iPad. Once you have an account, you create the "wall" and invite your students to the wall. They type in the URL address or create QR code for easy upload. Students upload information in real time. Wondering what the students are feeling about the Constitution? Or maybe, look up different landforms and post them in one place? Padlet is that place.

Curious about this awesome web 2.0 tool, don't hesitate to ask for a training or lesson demonstration.

Padlet in Ed - Tech Tools Tour
The possibilities are endless; this web app encourages open ended questions and ideas, you are asking students for their opinion or asking students to demonstrate their knowledge. Text, video, audio, links and photos can all be placed on the Padlet wall simultaneously! You project it and voila!

Below are some samples from Padlet's gallery.

Tech Enlightenment

Check out my training calendar on our eChalk calendar page.

The registration links are already set up, if you are interested click on register for the direct link to Eduphoria. Don't miss out or get left behind.

12+ hours are required for the school year.

Also, I will be giving a 3 hour training on January 20, 2013 to each campus based on visible thinking.

Integrating Technology Ideas

San Jacinto Elementary - Cause & Effect using Promethean board
A few resources and facts about using the Promethean Board and ActivInspire.

Any more questions you may have, email me and I will set up a training or model for you.

Social Studies Links

Copyright or Fair Use... Which is which?

What are the differences between Copyright Law, Fair Use, and Creative Commons?

  • Copyright law is a federal law that regulates how a person's creative material is protected under law. This means people have the right to control how their material is distributed. Under copyright law, there is the Fair Use guidelines which is appropriate for teachers.

  • Fair Use guidelines mean that you, as a teacher, can make copies of certain materials, if and only if, it will be used for educational purposes.

  • Creative Commons, is an organization that is trying to expand the creative licenses and rights someone has to use, distribute, or remix another's work.

Follow these links for some handy posters and signs.

Fair Use Guidelines for teachers

Creative Common Licenses

Copyright Law Basics

Copyright Basics

Education is Key

Remember, that you, as a teacher, have some leeway as to using copyrighted materials in your class. That doesn't mean that your students are given the same rights. When they are researching or getting information from the web or other sources, they must cite their sources and if need be, get permission. Don't let them get into the habit of using copyrighted material, just as you do. They must be educated that copyright is the law.
A Green Road - A Creative Commons and Copyright Explanation/Tutorial

App of the Week

Virtual Manipulatives is an app created by ABCya. It consists of virtual fraction tiles or cirlces to use as a tool to enhance learning. It is free and even better, it includes no ads, no in-app purchases, no social network connections; which means that there is no distraction from the learning.

Download and start using in your classrooms!

Virtual Manipulatives app

A reminder...

From here on out, if your total technology professional development hours are under 5, you will need to attend 2 per month and a couple few on top of that. Check Eduphoria for your hours.

Do not wait for the very end of the year. I offer around 5 trainings each month. And usually 1 or 2 specialty trainings by request. Take a look at my calendar to plan ahead. Trainings are during planning time, Tuesdays and/or Fridays.

The link to register stays open for the SW that it is offered. You must register and then follow-up with the survey and clicking on request credit.

Cynthia L. Piña

Technology Campus Trainer

Laredo ISD

Gallego & Zachry Elementary

Pina Tech Applications

Extra Freebie!

Start the new year off right by keeping track of those calories that sneak into our meals. Nutritionix is a simplistic website that offers nutrition label information and also restaurant nutrition information. All you have to do is build your menu and that's it. No more guessing or worse, underestimating the total value.