Life in the 1946-1952

By Sonia Holstein


In the picture below, we see a picture of a 1947 High School Debate Team. The picture shows a club of all boys and 1 girl. The Debate team was the future lawyers and polticial figures of America. The fact that there is only 1 girl in the club shows that law and politics were a male-dominant profession in the 1940's. This shows the girl being a non-conformist because she is going against the norm. Although she is going against the norm by being in the club, she is also conforming to the other members in the club. She is dressed very manly as though she is conforming to the club of all males. We also see the other boys dresed very fancy, most of them wearing blazers or ties. They are conforming to the other members in the club by dressing nice and put together. We also see that in the photo every person is frowning except for 2 people. This must have been the norm in the 40's since most of the boys from the time weren't smiling and also shows the boys conforming the other boys in the club. As you can see, conformity was an issue even in the 1940's.
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In this picture, we see a typical family in the 1940's. This picture from a Life Magazine shows a mom dressed very nice. She is wearing earrings and a very typical dress. Her hair is short and curled, the typical style in that time. This family is has 4 children, which was kind of small for that time, because the families were typically very large. Now a days, a family usually has 2-3 children. We also take notice as to how many girls were in the family. This family has 3 girls and 1 boy. In this time, girls were considered 'below' the men and this caused a lot of struggle for the women. Some fathers favorited the boy. We also notice that the caption says this is a senator, meaning he was a political man. He probably was in the public eye and this made him want his family to be even more like the norm of the time.
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In this photo, we see a very fancy car. It is a shiny red and looks very 'expensive'. This car represents success in the 1940's because it depicts a very luxorious lifestyle. In this time, it was all about looking the best. This car allowed someone to look rich without truly being it. They sold the idea of being rich and with this ad, told people they would be rich. They show that by buying the car, you get to live the lifestyle of someone very wealthy. In the heading, they use the word "golden" trying to show how rich one could feel if they purchase it.
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