O2 Team True Believers

Winter Edition Sending the O2 Love!

Our Team Rocks!!!

In this newsletter, I will go over what has been going on so far in 2014, what is coming up, and I want to recognize the team members who have rocked it out!!!

What Has Been Going On??!!

Where Have I Been? Where Have You Been? Where are WE Going?

Well, let's see....Christmas was a whirlwind. This Holiday season was crazy and I know other Designers feel that way too. Between trying to squeeze in last minute Jewelry Bars and trying to manage Holiday functions with family, it was quite the busy December! I seriously wanted to take a week long nap to recover from the Holiday season!


WOW! For being what is considered a slow month for most, this girl was BUSY. I went to Phoenix, AZ to be part of the first Director's Training offered by Origami Owl. It was simply amazing. I felt like I learned SO much to bring back to you, my beloved team. I have implemented things into how I manage the team and try to help you all achieve what you are wanting out of your business. I plan on doing more and more in the following weeks and months. I have a whole notebook full of ideas, advice, and notes that I am currently going through and organizing, and in the meantime dropping you a little golden nugget here and there ;)

I want to know your goals! If I know what you are looking for from your business, I will do everything I can to help you achieve them. It can something as simple as my first goal with Origami Owl- to be able to make some extra money to pay for pedicures and not feel guilty if I wanted to go shopping here and there. Or maybe your goal is to make money to pay for your daughter's dance classes, save for a family vacation, pay down debt, get to Senior Team Leader, Director. Whatever your goal is, let's get there together.


There were 8 SOAR Regional Events all around the country. We had over 100 Designers representing our team there! Thank you to everyone who invested into their business by going!!

Here is a recap written by my sister owl and Executive Team Leader Vanessa Ramirez going over in wonderful detail about what SOAR in Dallas was about:


Team True Believers SOAR 2014

Now, Where are "WE" Going?

So now I have told you where I have been, and where other team members may have been in January...so let's talk about where we are going as a team! We are going to go to CONVENTION!!! If you have not purchased your ticket yet, please do so! You will not regret it. Three days of O2 Love, team bonding, and getting the inspiration and education to take your business to the next level. Statistics show that those who go to convention are 12 times more likely to do better with their business.

At SOAR in San Jose, I was given the honor of speaking about convention and how it has changed my business. Well, I have achieved the goal of promoting to Director! But more importantly, I know that I would not have gotten to Director if it was not for the leaders on my team who were at convention and saw their true potential with Origami Owl. They took what they learned there and built their businesses out further than they ever expected to. Invest in yourself and your business and make a plan to join the team at Convention. www.origamiowlevents.com Check out our team hashtag #o2trubies if you are on Instagram to see all the Team True Believers fun!

Whoooooooo Promoted?!

A Congratulatory HOOT HOOT to You!!!

Senior Team Leaders:

Jennifer Moncivais

Katie Ostrander

Team Leaders:

Amy Conley

Cheryl Castelli

Jeanne Pague

Kristin Smith

Flor Flores

Sharon Horton

Terra Castanon

Veronica Luna-Arboleda

Leading Designers:

Andrea Griggs

Angela Bey

Beverly Fortenberry

Brandy Graham

Brie Crooks

Cari Bertelson

Cynthia Priddell

Debra Stettler

Heidi Ramos

Janelle Howard


Kelli Flake

Kim Boyarsky

Kristin Henderson

Lasonia Russell

Lisa Freeman

McKensi Madden

Melina & Alyssa Trevino

Melissa Lopez

Michaela Boers

Mj Merchant

Nicole Adair

Nicole Slaughter

Petra Redman

Sheri Villena

Sheri Shaffer

Tashia Scruggs

Tracy Siep

Keep up the great job!!! Sharing the O2Love and Opportunity will get you going on your way to achieving your goals and seeing dreams come true. And not just your own dreams, but your team members' too.

Whooooo Rocked it Out in $$$$$$

Top PV for December:

1. Katherine Peters $4,700

2. Brie Crooks $3,475

3. Brandy Helm $3,405

4. Tiffany Phillips $2,756

5. Katie Ostrander $2,730

Top PV for January:

1. Jodi Ellis $2,341

2. Andrea Griggs $2,220

3. Rhonda Stapleton $2,113

4. Stephanie Young $2,098

5. Kelly Leary $1,878

Top Team Volumes


Team True Believers Total: $319,349

1. Erin Hernandez $62,923

2. J.J. Mason $59,493

3. Kelli Bollman $30,045


Team True Believers Total: $159,311

1. Erin Hernandez $39,540

2. J.J. Mason $29,588

3. Kelli Bollman $21,612

WOW!! Let's keep up the good work!! These numbers are only going to get bigger with the new Spring products and Take Out Menu!!

Another HUGE Achievement!!! The First Incentive Trip to Cabo, Mexico!

Team True Believers in Cabo! O2 incentive trip Feb 2014

Cabo Earners

In order to earn an all expense paid, all inclusive trip to Cabo, Designers were given the opportunity to earn points based on Personal Volume and sponsoring new team members. 15,000 points was the requirement to earn from July 1, 2013 to November 30, 2013. WHAT A RACE!! It was worth all the hard work and I can not express how amazing this trip was.

Super shout out to the unbelievable ROCK STARS on our team who made it to Cabo!!!

Andrea Griggs

Amy Meyer

Carrie Smith

Heather Hockett

Heidi Keller

Gina Loretelli

Jodi Ellis

Lauren Barnes

Rhonda Stapleton



Yes, you read that right. It is finally going to be revealed!! March 8th is the day that I will get to share the new Spring Take Out Menu with you all! No, I do not currently have it, nor do I know what is in it. But from what Chrissy Weems and CEO Robin Crosman said at the SOAR events, it is so fabulous that we are going to fall on the floor!

Here is a list of different Director led meetings for the spring reveal all around the country. I will update this list as I get more updates.


If you are in Texas, here is the one that I am hosting in Grapevine, TX


I am going to open this up to other Designers who are not on our team, so if you want to go to this meeting, I recommend you hurry up and RSVP because whenever there are open meetings in the DFW, they fill up fast!!

New Stuff for Trubies!!

What Can I Do to Help You in 2014?

I really want this year to be YOUR year to shine bright!! I will be starting some new things to help out new team members, and give recognition to those who are doing an exceptional job with their business and also to the Designers who are truly being a Force for Good.

Trubie of the Week- each Friday, I want to recognize a team member for being awesome. With close to 800 members on the team, realistically, I do not know all of you. If you want to nominate someone for Trubie of the Week, please send me an email kmks.owl@gmail.com

Success Fridays- on our Facebook Team page, on Fridays we will have a post that you all can comment on what you did this week for your business that you consider to be a success.

Motivational Mondays- from the comments on Success Fridays, the ones with the most likes will go out in an email to you on Monday, in hopes that reading what other team members are doing around the country will give you ideas as well as inspire and motivate you.

Designer 101 Bootcamp- Are you a new Designer, or maybe you joined the team awhile ago and have not done much with this yet and are ready. Join me on a text based app called GroupMe. It is an app you can download onto your smartphone. I will post tips and tasks for you there, and we can discuss ideas. I recommend that if you join this group that you turn the settings to silent so your phone does not go crazy with notifications once we get the group chat up and going. To join Trubie Bootcamp, please go to https://groupme.com/join_group/7183495/Kioznk

I am also looking into doing a team website! More to come on that!!! Stay tuned!!


Hello to you, my fabulous team member! This is Krista Saysanam, your Director. I am either your direct Mentor or part of your upline of leaders. Sending you lots of love and support as you are on your journey with Origami Owl!

My office hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 3pm and 9pm-11pm.

Weekends- Jewelry Bar or event assistance only.