Technology Integration Vision

By: Brittany Kappenmacher

Our society is constantly being influenced by technology and I believe it is crucial to use technology to enhance learning and teaching. Technology is becoming a part of everyday life, at every moment you can be connected to the online world through computers, laptops, i-Pads, phones, and tablets. All of this technology has become an important means of communication therefore it would seem necessary to incorporate them into teaching to engage the learner. Computers and other technology resources are often used for educational games, drill-and-practice activities, presentation of content, or tutorials that relate to the teacher’s lesson. The idea of technology merely as a method for presentation needs to shift and students need to use the computers, tablets, and other resources as tools to solve problems and construct meaning. Students need to be “active” learners and in my classroom I hope to establish a learning environment in which students are able to discover and use the technology as an inquiry tool. My role as a teacher will be to facilitate the learning for the students and design strategies and lessons that allow students to be actively engaged in the learning process through the use of technology.
It is my goal that when students leave my classroom they would have gained the skills that will facilitate their success in the competitive work field when they graduate. In all jobs technology is now used for word processing, email, Internet, databases, and creating spreadsheets. In order to be successful using these resources I need to provide my students with the foundational skills to use them and the opportunities to experience them.
Technology will link my classroom to the outside world and allow learning to be extended beyond the four classroom walls. Students will be able to connect with other schools, communities, and people from around the globe. They will be able to research information and share it with others through blog websites such as Kidblog. My students will be able to share their work and collaborate with their peers and others in the learning community to enhance and deepen their understanding. The computers will allow students to work cooperatively on projects but also to provide feedback, allow the acceptance of other opinions, and learn from one another. Technology will also help parents to be involved in my classroom and create a partnership. I will use different resources to create newsletters and upload them to my classroom website. I can provide websites for parents and tips to help their students at home who may be struggling or provide materials to extend learning.
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I plan to use technology to allow students to self- assess their own learning. My students will be able to create an e-portfolio that will document their growth from the beginning of the year to the time they leave. They will be able to upload assignments and projects that they were most proud of and other work samples. Students will be able to review their work and see what they did well and what areas that needed to be improved on were.

Technology will change the face of education by allowing for new ways of expression and presentation. Students will be more motivated and interested in the lessons when using technology and it will be a source of active engagement. I plan to integrate technology into my classroom instruction as an integral part that fits seamlessly into the curriculum and is used in useful and meaningful ways that benefit the student’s educational experience. I want my students to be able to use technology to enhance their learning and apply the skills they learned in their everyday life.

I think it is important to share my vision of technology with parents, teachers, and administrators. I look to share my vision with my parents by creating a class website and providing newsletters digitally to share what is happening in my classroom. Parent can stay up to date with the standards being taught and I will provide them with websites and tools their children can use at home to reinforce skills. As well as providing websites I plan to create screencasts and other videos that help explain important concepts and skills. This will allow parents to stay contacted to their children’s learning. I also am a blended learning classroom and will send home reports for each child and provide them with their logins. I will utilize Class Dojo to communicate with parents and allow them to see how their child is behaving in class.

Apart from communicating with parents I also aim to share my vision with fellow teachers. I believe that we are a learning community and should share new technology and resources with our fellow co-teachers. I believe that it is important to let my co-teachers know of resources that would benefit them. I will share resources by creating a Google document in which I can update resources that I find and can provide examples of using these resources. As well I will share with my coworkers screencasts of using the tools.

I hope to eventually share my vision by becoming a Technology TOSA (teacher on special assignment) in my school district. I would love to provide professional development to teachers and coaching on new technology tools. I would like to show teachers that technology is not something they should fear. Technology is the future of education and they should embrace the many benefits.

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Examples of Technology Integration

Goods and Service Fair Unit

The third grade students at my former elementary school, Kaimiloa all took part in a goods and service fair. The students were able to form their own groups and create a business. This project had many components that culminated in the fair. When students created their business they had to determine what product or service they wanted to sell. After doing that they had to create a logo for their business and a "how- to" writing piece for the good or service. Students then had to mass produce the product for the fair. When products were created students then created a commercial to sell their product and a catchy jingle to engage the viewer. Before the fair all the classes watched the video to decide how they were going to use the fake money they had earned that quarter to reinforce positive behavior. At the fair students learned about supply and demand and had chances to raise and drop the prices of their products. Students then self-reflected on the whole process and figured out what went well and what they maybe needed to change.

Technology was incorporated throughout this unit. Students used Photobooth, iMovie, and Garage Band to create their infomercials and jingles. Students also put their self-reflection on their e-portfolios and included pictures from the fair.

Here are some examples of the jingles that the students created for the fair along with pictures of the fair.

Golden Tigers Group (product- necklaces)

Golden Tigers Group (product- necklaces)

The Smash (service- car game)

Sonic Stars (product - Robot/ Sonic cards and Hello Kitty Puzzles)

Instructional Videos

These videos explain and show how to use instructional resources in the classroom.


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