Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

WWE tomorrow!! Bring on the soups and salads!!

Christian Care Center...let's #levelup!

Did you know the Christian Care Center has been operating for over 40 years? Their goal is to help Wylie and its surrounding areas with food, clothes, and household support. Our fundraiser each year is a direct support to our Wylie families. Last year we raised $465, and we have been challenged to #LEVELUP...
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Goals check in!

The week of October 29- Nov 2 will be our goal check in!

I'll be placing in your box your goal from the beginning of the year and your "person", please complete the checklist included on the back and return to my mailbox. There is power in the importance of tracking our progress to achieve goals. Many people fail to accomplish their goals on time not because they lack skills and knowledge, but because they lose sight of what they want to achieve.

Small wins are massive motivators. But we rarely recognize them, because of life. Fall. Rain. No recess for a week. #allthethings.

That's what I want the accountability cadence to be for you...a WIN!

Thank you for turning in your conference list!

General Parent Conversation reminders!

  • If a parent requests testing in writing, please notify administration and Debbie H./Laurie M. as soon as possible. We must respond to the parents within a certain time frame.
  • Please do not directly tell a parent that they need to request testing for their child. Instead, we can discuss the RTI process, interventions we are providing, helpful tips for parents to use at home, etc.

If you are unsure of how to word your concerns, we can help! Just let us know if you need us!

Morgan's Musings

After School Duty and WIN Time

If you have WIN time, please make arrangements in advance with your team so that someone can cover your duty after school. Thank you!

F&P Library

Please make sure that you are placing the F&P books back into the appropriately labeled book boxes. Some books are being returned into the wrong ones. Also, please return the folders when you return the book sets. I am so glad that you are all utilizing this library!

Parties and Celebrations: October 26th

If you notice a parent without a sticker or badge, please direct them to the office to check in. If it gets hairy, text me, radio me, call me, etc. I will be happy to come help!

Here is a basic schedule at a glance if you need it.

Counselor's Corner

Red Ribbon week is next week! Know what you're going to wear??

Grade level contest FOR THE CAN FOOD DRIVE!

Winning team, the one with the most cans brought in, will win...drum roll hour to go out to lunch with your team!!

You get a long lunch, kids get the admin team at recess, everyone wins! Motivate your Wolves!!

Let's rock this with a CAN DO attitude!

(see what I did there?!)

Patty and Patricia pontifications

Shout outs!

  • Sharla Palmer, getting ANOTHER high five from a teammate! "I have a student that we’ve gone back and forth with for dyslexia training, and she is so willing to listen and help. She’s gone to the district level to figure out how to best help him, and since we’ve found out we can’t test him until March, she volunteered her time to help do interventions with him on whatever he needs. She’s fantastic!! Thanks Sharla!!!

  • With everything you have on your plate, please know that your generosity in this whole principal appreciation extravaganza has been noted and is just incredible. Thank you all so much! October is crazy, and that's just one more thing you're doing, but know it's filling our buckets like rain barrels in Texas, ;)
  • Patricia! You rock! We were Patty-less two days in a row and man, Patricia kept things flowing right on like usual! Thanks to Shari, Kim, and Lisa for stepping up when/where they were needed!
  • #thatmarqueetho Had a parent compliment me on the marquee this week and I had to admit that Jessica Travis had taken it over and was working techno magic out there! :)

Worth a read...

Don't get tricked by #homophones! Check out this helpful treat!

Thoughts for Teachers: What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind? via @cpoole27

#ThoughtForTheDay Every educator encounters a bit of self-doubt at times. Keep going, No matter what keep going. There will be times when it seems nothing can go right. Going thru rough patches allows us to appreciate & cherish our best moments of teaching...via #Culturize



Paige Siratt 5

Shannon Souddress 10

Miranda Huggins 19

Sherri Rogers 21

Shari Halpin 21

Staci Crim 27

Patty McKenna 30 (that's the date and my age!!)

I'll be listening for these in the halls tonight!!

Calendar Comings

18 late parent conferences, Jimmy John's in the lounge at 2:45!!!

19 Whitt Wolves Eat, end of 1st 9weeks, grades due today! (grades are due before you leave!)`

22 Early voting begins!

23 Principal PLC, hosted at Whitt (gulp!)

24 Reflections contest items due, team leader meeting

25 AT out, report cards go home!

26 Student Celebrations, Holiday parties, carnival: #ALLTHETHINGS (it's also snapshot day!)



31 nice normal, non-costume wearing day!



2 Wolf Howl

5 Magazine Drive begins

6 AT out ESC, Election Day!, picture retakes, PTA board meeting

7 PLC leaders meeting

8 Thanksgiving Lunch day, UIL night, Spring Creek night


12 School board meeting

13 AT out ESC, 4th grade to Austin

14 team leaders meeting

15 3rd grade program



26 WW Christmas begins!


28 Nat'l French Toast day!

29 Parent think tank ,6-7pm