Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

April, 14 1865

Abrahams Murder

Abraham Lincoln was attempting to abolish slavery and start the reconstruction during the war in 1863. Although, he didn't think blacks were equal to whites he did believe that all men were created with certain inalienable rights. He was confronted by a radical group of republicans in the senate wanted complete allegiance and repentance from confederates. Before it the political battle developed Abraham was shot by John Wilkes Booth in the Fords Theatre in Washington D.C. Abraham laid in a coma for 9 hours before dying the next morning. He was buried at Springfield, Illinois.

The Reason Behind John Wilkes Booths Decision to Murder Lincoln.

John Wilkes Booth used a .44 caliber derringer pistol to shoot Lincoln in the skull. After the shot he ran out on stage and escaped. After a two weeks Federal troops found Booth in a barn in Maryland, where a soldier shot him in the neck. Booth died two hours later. Booth claimed his reason for murdering the president was that he was afraid that Lincoln was going to overthrow the constitution and destroy his "beloved south."

By Sierra Bonnette