Bear Bytes: April Edition

Tech Updates from Your BBMS Integrator: Catherine Tompkins

General Support Sign Up Link

Mondays are still my support days at BBMS. Let me know if I can help you by signing up on the Google Doc link below. Please use your full email address to sign up. In addition, let me know where you would like to meet! I will send this doc out weekly.

You can also reach me via email:

Feel free to stop by Room 815!

Face to Face Time for March: 4/21/2014

Here is the date for the last Face2Face Time:


Please bring your fully charged laptop all booted up and ready to roll to Room 815. "Face2Face Time" will start 10 minutes after your planning begins unless you are the first group. We will start at 8:45 so that folks can finish up at the attendance table.

Make Sure to Move Your Personal Distribution Lists!

When we move to Gmail...your personal distribution lists will not transfer. View the presentation for an easy fix.

Try These Sites!

Try these cool sites out! Thanks to Laura Davenport and Debbie Vasco for sharing!

Student Troubleshooting Guide

A fellow colleague shared this document with me. Now, I am sharing it with you! It should help you get your students off on the right foot this year!

Keeping Organized in Google Docs

Here is a video that may help your knowledge base of Google Docs!

Check Out these "OO" Sites!

If you would like some help working with these websites, let me know! They are easy to use!