Acid Base Scavenger Hunt

By: Alyssa Ross and Kristin Hodges



1. Butter

2. Drinking Water

3. Grapefruit Juice

4. Honey

5. Laundry Detergent

6. Lime Juice

7. Vinegar

8. Cooking Oil

9. Fruit Jelly

10. Hand Soap

11. Shampoo

12. Lemon Juice


1. Sticky Notes

2. Clear Plastic Cups

3. PH Strips

4. PH Scale

5. Sharpie

6. Camera Phone

7. 1/3 measuring cup

8. Paper

9. pen


1. Label 12 new plastic cups with the sticky notes and Sharpie, and write down the 12 substances (one substance for each cup).

2. Make a data table with your chosen 12 substances in one column and predicted PH values for each substance in the other column.

3. Pour 1/3 cup of the 12 substances in the cups labeled with the specific substances.

4. Tear 6 sheets of the PH paper in half to make 12 pieces of PH Paper.

5. For each substance dip one piece of the PH Paper into the substance.

6. To identify the PH number simply match the color of the PH strip to one of the colors on the PH scale

7. Make a data table with the 12 substances on one column and the actual PH values in the other column.

8. Record your PH number for each one of the substances on your “actual PH value data table”

9. Once you have dipped your PH paper in the substance, take a picture with each substances and PH scale with its matching PH strip.

Defentions of acid, basic, and neutral solutions

Acid solution: Any water solution that has more hydrogen ions (H+) than hydroxide ions (OH-); any water solution with a pH less than 7.

Basic Solution: Water solution with more hydroxide ions (OH-) than hydrogen ions (H+); water solutions with pH greater than 7.

Neutral solution: Has a pH level of 7: a solution in which the concentration of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions are equal.

Data Table of predicted PH values

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Data Table of Actual PH values

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PH scale

Big image

Butter substance

Big image

Drinking water substance

Big image

Grapefruit Juice substance

Big image

Honey substance

Big image

Laundry Detergent substance

Big image

Lime Juice substance

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Vinegar substance

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Cooking oil substance

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Fruit Jelly substance

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Hand soap substance

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Lemon Juice substance

Big image

Shampoo substance

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