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The Different type's of cyberbullying

There are many different type's of Cyber bullying. Here are 5 different types of Cyber bullying: Harassment, Flaming, Exclusion, Outing, Masquerading.

How Cyber bullying can effect people

Cyber bullying can lead to cutting, No communication, drugs, and even suicide. Cyber bullying can take a bad toll in your life by thinking these things.

What you should do if somebody is being cyber bullied

Talk to them and try to calm them down. Try to talk to the one that's doing the bullying. or get help.

These are the main ideas of Cyber bullying

Be nice to everyone don't matter what. Treat people how you want to be treated. and if you cant say it to there face don't say it at all.
Cyber Bullying PSA - A Film of a 13 Year Old