CHIGNAUPAN is turist place. because on it there are a lot of sites very nice like the lagoon.

If we care our lagoon, our children will see the result.

This place has some problem which if we give it solution, these will finish soon.
If we had worked on clean of this lake. this wouldn´t stayed dirty .
If this hadn't stayed dirty, the ambient would not had contaminated
If the ambient had not contaminated, we wouldn't have to work for clean it.
If we work together now for our lagoon, it will stay very beautiful and chignahuapan will have more turism. if we have a lot of turism,will come much money.
Af there are more money in here. chignahuapan will become on a rich city.
All we going to have a better job.

Lets care the chignahupan lagoon´s