N 336: M4 W11: The Mentally Ill

Dr. Whitney Bischoff, Associate Professor of Nursing, TLU

Module Objectives

1. Describe the unique health challenges faced by the mentally ill.
2. Identify ways the healthcare system is and is not meeting the needs of our mentally ill population.
3. List ways nurses can use our unique professional knowledge to improve care of the mentally ill in the U.S.

Learning Activities

Read: Sultz and Young Chapter 9
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Mental Health Poster Graphic
  • Ref list for graphic
  • Behavioral Health Trends in the US 2014
  • People of color, LGBTQQ, elderly, poor, addicted, racial disparities

Watch Video: (no videos)

Answer Discussion Questions under Module Discussions (RN-BSN Cohort)

Take Quiz 9 in Assignments (optional)

When you have finished the assigned learning activities, go on to the next lesson.