BeeAtitudes Quilting Bee

Quilting the Strip Quilt

~ June 23rd, 2013 ~

Bring your strip quilt as we will continue working on actually quilting and binding.

Quilt Materials Needed:
Coordinating thread
Regular 1/4" foot and Walking Foot

Supplies Needed at each gathering:
Extension cords, surge protectors, sewing machines, cutting mats, notions, irons, iron boards, and fabric that you can tinker with.

A couple of people have asked the following questions so here is a Q&A:

1. Can I bring a friend? Absolutely, this is a time to have fun and typically our friends are fun or they wouldn't be our friends.

2. I do not have any skill can I still attend? Yes, this is a come as you are group and we are all learning together.

3. Do I have to bring all of my gear, machine, etc.? No, while it will add to your experience and absorption rate the only thing we as is you come and enjoy the experience.

4. Can we bring our children to class? Yes and No. If they are old enough to participate in the class and have the ability to sit through 3+ hours then yes. This is a learning/classroom style environment so as a parent only you know if they are at this level.

Heather Crauford

BeeAtitudes Quilting Bee

Sunday, June 23rd, 1-7pm

4090 Delaware St


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