Grimm Brothers Fairytales

How are the Grimm Brothers fairytales Different then Disney?


We have all grew up knowing different versions of Fairytales. What we did not know is of the gruesom and disturbing history behind the stories that we loved, grew up with, and watched movies about. Did you know that the farytales were not orinigally made for children? Do you know about thier horrifc historie behind the stories, or the people who oringally were said to write the first ones? Well now you will know.

The Orinigal Stories

Fairytales are world wide and well known. Most of them were written up to 200 years ago. Some of them may even be older! There is also over 209 stories in whole world. Thats alot! They are also German oriniated.

Some More Fairytales That Have the Same Name

Fairytales have gruesome pasts!

Disney Fairytales

Disney Fairytales that we know are fun and happy. Most of these are ornigiated from the orinigals.

The History of The Grimm Brothers

One of the orinigal wrtiers were the Grimm brothers. The Grimm Brothers were Jacob and Willhelm Grimm. They were a poor family growing up. Because of them writing these stories the brothers faced deception and bankruptcy. They were also written in the mid 1700's.

The History of the Stories

There are 210 stoies, in 160 languages, in 120 editions. They were not intended for children when they were first written. There was a lot of voilence, Child abuse in stories like Cinderalla and Snow White, anti-septism, and incest. They also has a sort of Hallowness on them also.


Disney Fairytales and Grimm brother fairy tales were/are VERY differant. The orinigals had disturbing things and sometimes voilence. The Disney Fairytales are happy and come out as happy endings. That pretty much sums up the differences between the two kinds of stoies.