The Outsiders Soundtrack

Antonio Period 2

Count On Me - Bruno Mars Lyrics

Friends can be Family!

I chose "Count on me" because i thought of how the gang will count on each other to keep each other safe and not do something to get them kill most times. SO your friends can be family if you think about it because family always try to keep you safe nonstop.
Eminem - Survival (Explicit)


I chose "Survival" because i thought of this game I play and this game mode in this place you can get from the main menu so the point is to survive and get to the end and do something to beat that level. The game is called "Call of Duty Ghosts", there are three levels the Point of Contact, Night Fall, and May Day. In Point of Contact, you set up a bomb to blow up and you have to get back to the helicopter alive to beat it, but you have to beat these things called "Hives" to get there, but you are trying to be stopped by some ancient species which are reproducing again. This is the same through the other levels, but the endings are different.
('Cause) You Believed In Me - a new love song about loyalty and support.


I chose this song called "You Believed in Me" because i thought of this song because my sister listen to it and i remember that this is about loyalty and i picked this. The lyrics were about the loyalty and you believed in.
High School Musical - Were All In This Together


I chose this song because I thought that together could be together, the gang are together and my sister always watches this movie so I thought that this song is perfect. The song is "Were All in this Together".
Anytime you need a Friend


I chose this song because i thought of how they have a great friendship and nothing can break, they will always stick by each others side and never leave. So I chose the song "Anytime you need a Friend" so I chose it for the Friendship the gang has with each other.