How To: Windows 7 on MACOSX

Installing Windows 7 on a Mac using Bootcamp


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Step 1

Back up any information on your Mac just in case. It's always important to keep your information safe. While you're at it, if you don't have it already, purchase a Windows 7 installation disk.

Step 2

Now, put your Windows 7 installation disk into your Mac. Once you do this, you have to open up Bootcamp. To find Bootcamp, you must go to Finder, then Applications, then in Utilities you will find the Bootcamp Assistance app.

Step 3

Once this is done, you can just follow the Assistant and set up Windows 7 to your liking. When you reach the window where it says the amount of GB each OS will get, I recommend giving Windows 7 at least more than 60 GB because that partition will be all you can use to store data with in Windows

Once the Installation is Over

Your computer will restart and you will see the following

Watch this for a step-by-step installation!

Installing Windows 7

If needed, go here for a more detailed explanation!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

From now on, keep it clean with Preventative Maintenance!

You should do preventative maintenance on your computer from now on if you haven't been doing it. Preventative maintenance lessens the likelihood of your computer failing. To do this, you should update your operating system, applications, anti-virus software, drivers, firmware, and other protective software, check for errors on your hard drive, back up your hard drive, defrag your hard drive. Doing this about once every 1-2 months will keep your computer maintained.