Locke's Diary

By: Kelsey Torcom

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Early life

I was born on August 29, 1632 in Wrington, Somerset. I was raised by my father, because my mother died during child birth. My father was a small town attorney. I had to be tutored at home, because of my health problems.

Where it all started

I attended Christ Church, Oxford, and in 1658 I was elected senior student there and I taught Greek and moral philosophy. When I changed my subject to medicine and got a license to practice I met my friend Robert Boyle (who was a great scientist at the time) and with his help I got in to the study of natural science.

Gaining power

Thanks to Boyle (who was also one of the founders of the Royal Society), I became a fellow of the Royal Society in 1668.

My success

I got in to political affairs after I met Lord Ashley (who was the first Earl of Shaftesbury), and Lord Chancellor of England. I decided to go to Shaftesbury as a physician and an adviser. I drafted The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina and was a secretary of the Board of Trade.
John died on October 28, 1704.
John faced many difficulties in his life and as a philosopher. None of his works were even published until he was almost 60. However, he managed to continue on which led him to success.
Locke published "Treaties on the Government" in 1690. This was a really important time in his life because it let people know that they should have their 3 natural rights (life, liberty, and property). And his ideas were later used in the Declaration of Independence.



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