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The Prevention Of Lung Cancer

Prevention of lung cancer Lung cancer can often be associated to known risk factors. Many factors can be changed, but not all can be avoided.

Tobacco: studies show that smoking tobacco in any form is the main cause of lung cancer.

People who quit smoking and never return reduce your risk of developing lung cancer or see a return cancer.

There are many products such as chewing gum, nicotine patches and sprays that can help a person quit smoking. Never smoking lowers the risk of dying from lung cancer.

The tobacco inhaled by passive smoking also causes cancer. This smoke coming from a burning cigarette or exhalation of a smoker

People who breathe secondhand smoke are exposed to the same carcinogens that smokers, although in smaller quantities.

Environmental Causes: There are other causes of lung cancer in the environment, but their effects on disease rates are small compared with smoking.

Cancer-causing agents that can be found outside the home, especially in the workplace, including asbestos, radon, arsenic, chromium, nickel, tar and soot

These substances can cause cancer in people who never smoked and combined with the cigarette further increase the risk of developing cancer.

Many countries are working to control these substances. Beta Carotene: Studies indicate that people who smoke a lot can reduce your risk of cancer to avoid consuming supplements with beta carotene. Eating and physical activity: Studies show that a diet rich in fruits, and possibly vegetables may reduce the risk of getting this type of cancer, while heavy alcohol consumption may increase.