El Salvador

By: Madi Rozgonyi


San Salvador

Major cities:

1. Soyapango

2. Santa Ana

3. San Miguel

4. Mejicanos

Was El Salvador controlled by another country?

Yes, Spain

Did El Salvador gain independence?

Yes, in 1821 by Spain

Official language:



3 horizontal strips of blue & white; it has a coat of arms emblem circled by the words "Republican de El Salvador en la America Central"

Where is El Salvador located?

Guatemala is located to the west and Honduras to the North- East

Physical Features:

  1. Sierra Madre Mountains
  2. Lempa River
  3. Lake Llopango

Type of government:



Salvador Sánchez Cerén


Dollar bill

Economic system:


Come visit El Salvador:

We have great weather to spend at the beach to surf or just relax. Also we have big mountains to hike on. Finally we have many historical places to visit such as Pompeii of the Americas which showed the Maya's way of life, like what they ate, what crops they grew, and their social structure.