Save The Children

Beth Hornby, Catrina Lane, Mariah Warden, Michael Stone

Role of Organization

provide them with water, food, basic health care, emergency care, protection programs

Supported by

-child sponsorship

-grants, some also by the US government

-Commodities and Ocean Freight

Human Rights

If any kids rights are violated they are able to make a complaint to the UN
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Its powerful because its one of the worlds most leading independent organisation for children. They have worked in about 120 different countries
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Secusess in Darfur

-kept 554,194 children safe from harm.

-More than 179,128 children got the opportunity to learn.

-In times of crisis, 143,124 children received emergency relief.

-More than 350,966 children had a healthy start in life.

-To fight malnutrition, nearly 234,386 received nutritious food and vital supplements.

Save the Children - Who We Are