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sustainable ecosystem

if i would to build a eco how i would start by choosing the location it should be away from the city solution but also not too far away from everything,the i would need it to be sunny and windy,for the energy generation and there plants and vegetation i will be planting.

Plants and vegetation

i would start by growing flowers witch don't die only sleep in winter as we are in canada and other plants such as cedar trees orange trees and others such as ever green plants and trees.for the vegetation i would grow things like tomatoes lettuce and carrots because we are in ontario we wouldn't be able to grow things like mangoes and bananas as they need a lot of heat to grow.


i would start by a longboard because it is a great way to exercise but also for transportation because if you get tired you could easily ride the bus ,the same as the bicycle ,the tesla car is an electric powered car and it uses less power and doesn't polite the eviroment other then charging it ,unlike normal car smoke .
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i would distribute every item in its corresponding bin,such as paper,cardboard, the recycling bin,organic such as fruits,leftovers in the garbage,and in the end i would throw all the gardening waste in the gardening witch they will recycle and use as soil and other things.

dangerous chemicals

at first drain opener witch you use when your drain is cloged and it is an easy way to open it but it is very toxic and if any drop touches your body it will burn you're skin off.bleach is a chemical use for cleaning and removing stains of clothe it can cause dry skin if it gets contact and if kids drink it it might kill them or let them suffer a huge amout of pain.lead is found in metals and and in copper pipe it is dangerous cause lead is toxic for us to drink and might cause disease.


i would install wind mills because it is free energy that is created by wind ,and solar panels because my roof top is flat it will always have direct sunlight to generate energy,
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i would change everything into led light because they use a lot less energy but also they life spam is a lot longer than normal light bulbs.


i would only use eco and power saving appliances with low kwh average and check to see if the have the blue tag witch makes the eco friend graded by the government.