The Great Explorer Magellan

Bye Brooke Vick

Great Discoveries

Magellan led the first trip around the world and discovered a passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean that today is called " The Straights Of Magellan.

He is Awesome and is an amazing explorer.

Magellan was born in 1480 and tragically died in 1521 in northern Portugal. He grew up wealthy and strong. Magellan was the page for the royal court before he was an explorer. He was always interested in the world when he was younger. He was an awesome student when they learned bout the stars.
His trips were sponsored by the king of Spain V so he payed for his sail ships and his crew and the food. He was looking for another route to Eastern Asia. The king only paid for the trips if he went looking for spices so he also was looking for spices.
Magellan always used sail ships to travel on his journeys. He started to explore in 1519 but sadly got killed on his trip to the Philippines in 1521. When he was on a trip he came across a tame ocean and he called in Pacifico Ocean.
He did in the Philippines because he got involved in an argument between the local tribes. He died in 1521. he changed the world by finding a route that is shorter to Eastern Asia. He was a very great explorer and everyone should know what he did and should always remember his name.