No Teacher Left Behind

EDU650, July 31, 2014

Constant Learning

I believe all teachers should be given free classes to stay on top of new techniques and strategies. Teachers should be required to have a set number of learning hours every year. As an Early Childhood Teacher I am required to have clock hours every year to further my knowledge.

Across the Country and Consistent Standards

I believe all teachers across the nation need to use the same practice. It would make it simpler to make sure everyone has the same ability. Furthermore, if students must pass high stakes tests, why shouldn't teachers? Teachers need to be kept on top of their game. If they fall behind, then they need more education themselves.
As an Early Childhood Teacher, we have accreditation at our center every year, during this week long period, we are required to share our knowledge and to make sure we reach a specific standard.

ISTE Standards

In my personal opinion, teachers are not able to master these standards. Curriculum, not enough knowledge, and fear holds them back. Old school teachers do not fully understand technology and are scared of changes. New teachers are jumping at the chance, but the school districts curriculum holds them back.