Care to have some Jaguar?

Nancy Funk

No, I'm just kidding about the jaguar, even though it would be pretty cool to have one. I'm sorry, but there just isn't enough jaguars in this world for you to have one of you own. Maybe a panda then? No, they're also endangered. There are, of course, many more endangered animals in this world. Foxes, tigers, polar bears, even a golden toad! I have increased my attention in that subject during this project and I've actually learned some interesting facts. As it turns out, some of my favorite animals (listed above) happen to be endangered. I've done research on what is being done to help these animals, and, so far, a lot of people are trying to help. Many governments are doing their best to prohibit the hunting of endangered animals. A lot of them have made boundaries on which humans are not allowed to live in in order to protect these animals. Do you care about these animals? Try to help, however you can, to protect these wonderful endangered species.

Here is my endangered animals pamphlet A for interesting facts.

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