Internet Safety


Not just Facebook

Don’t be fooled, Instagram can be just as risky to a teen as Facebook! Instagram can include inappropriate pictures and also lead to mean comments which is cyber bullying.

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Privacy Settings

There are privacy settings on Instagram that allow you to determine who follows you. With privacy settings, sending out a request is the only way to become a follower of someone. This way is a lot safer than having a public profile because only those who you approve to follow you can see your pictures.

Profile Appearance

Some people who are either oblivious or think they are invincible to online harassment or tracking often have their profile picture set to one of their face. This can be dangerous because if your first name and (at extreme times) your last name are on your profile, creepy people can easily do a Google search and find where you live, your age, what school you go to, where you work, your parents, your spouse,your current location. They can do all of this with only your first and last name.

Location Share

There is a feature on Instagram where you can share the location of where you took the picture. If you choose this setting, you can tag your picture to anything you want, but if you click on that location once the post is up, the app brings you to a map and a small dot exactly where you were when you took the picture, down to a grid. To ensure safety, turn off location settings on the app in the settings on your device.

Following and Followers

If you do an excess amount of “Following” it can be bad. You could look like an attention getter and you’re putting yourself on someone else’s radar by following them. More following leads to more followers. This can lead to more people seeing you and anything you put out there.