Snow Day Challenges

The Magic of Tech

Create something cool with tech!

Need a break from the snow? Don't just veg out in front of a screen - make something for it!


  • Code a stop motion video, meme, music video and more with Vidcode.
  • Find a wide variety of beginner coding tutorials from block-based programming platforms like Blockly and App Inventor to JavaScript and Python. There's something for everyone at the Hour of Code!
  • Create an app in BitsBox and learn a little JavaScript along the way.
  • Animate a story, create a video game, the possibilities are endless with Scratch.
  • Mix music, create an avatar, visualize dance and many more projects are available at Made with Code.
  • Create some pixel art.

More Advanced

  • Learn how to create web pages. Remix one of the cool Mozilla Thimble projects. You’ll see how HTML, CSS & Javascript work to make the web. Need an extra challenge, grab this snow effect and add it.
  • Create a video game. Check out this Video Game Design wiki for tutorials on a wide variety of game design platforms.
  • Create an animated GIF using GIMP.
  • Turn your keyboard into an instrument with Soundplant.