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December 14 - 18

The Shady Brook Vision and Mission Statements

Knowledge Informs and Determines Success for Students

The mission of Shady Brook Elementary is to educate all students for success today and tomorrow.

What makes a team. . .

CHAMPS Reminder. . .Week Three

As we approach the last week of the Christmas Break countdown, a helpful acronym to remember in your behavior management endeavors while implementing CHAMPS is STOIC.

  • Structure for Success.

  • Teach Expectations.

  • Observe and monitor.

  • Interact positively.

  • Correct fluently.

Failures on Report Cards

At our Staff Meeting on 12/10 I failed to share this information with you. This data shows the comparison between 1st Six Weeks and 2nd Six Weeks:


  • 21% / 5%

1st Grade:

  • 24% / 22%

2nd Grade:

  • 12% / 16%

3rd Grade:

  • 18% / 16%

4th Grade:

  • 20% / 9%

5th Grade:

  • 14% / 11%

6th Grade:

  • 2% / 1%


  • 16% / 11%

As you can see, there is quite a difference in the number of students that had a failing grade on their report card from the 1st Six Weeks. What do you think has been then difference? Intervention? Better Understanding of Content? More used to the "school routine" this past six weeks?

After we receive the 3rd Six Weeks data, Mr. Scott and I will figure the percentage of students that have repeatedly had failing grades on their report cards for your information as well. Please let me know if there is other information you feel might be helpful for you as we share information regarding these reports.

Important SBE Events to Remember:

  • 12/14-12/18 No Tutoring This Week
  • 12/14 Bell System Holiday Performance
  • 12/14 6 Stones Night of Wonder
  • 12/15 Harmony Performance
  • 12/16 STUCCO Field Trip
  • 12/16 Corral Café for Third Grade
  • 12/17 Campus Spelling Bee
  • 12/18 Suzuki Holiday Performance
  • 12/18 Santa Arrival
  • 12/18 Suzuki Strings Field Trip
  • 12/18 BJH Band Performance
  • 12/18 SBE Winter Parties
  • 1/5 KAB Club Meeting
  • 1/8 SBE Geography Bee

Upcoming Meetings:

  • 12/14 Shannon to attend mtg. at Ad. Bldg.
  • 12/15 Optional Office Mix Training - A new and simple ways to practice vocabulary with your students. Sign up in Eduphoria
  • 1/6 Clarence to AP Mtg.
  • 1/7 Team Leader Mtg.
  • 1/12 Ande to Nurses Mtg.
  • 1/13 Shannon to Principals Mtg.
  • 1/14 Staff Mtg.
  • 1/14 Campus Improvement Committee Leadership Mtg. (not required for everyone)

Testing at a Glance:

  • 12/17 Reading CBA 2 Data Talk: Grade 5
  • 12/17 Writing DBA 2 Data Talk: Grade 4
  • 1/12 Math CBA 2 Grade 2
  • 1/12 Reading CBA 2 Grades 3 and 6
  • 1/12 Science CBA 2 Grade 4
  • 1/12 Science CBA 3 Grade 5
  • 1/14 Social Studies CBA 1 Grade 6

Kudos to. . .

  • Thanks to our new AP for all of his calm, quiet support. (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Melissa Hassell for decorating our first grade hall. She heard that we had no parent volunteers to help with the party and she has gone above and beyond to help purchase things! (submitted by Monica Elliott)
  • Kirsten Smith for helping to provide Little Debbie Cakes for our party. (submitted by Monica Elliott)
  • Our wonderful staff have graciously volunteered to do whatever they can to assist! First grade is truly touched! (submitted by First Grade)
  • Bea Cochran for bringing chips and queso to help with the 5th grade luncheon even though she's not on the 5th grade team! It was very kind of her! (submitted by the 5th Grade teachers)
  • Rachel VanKleef for sharing her "props" with us for our holiday card pictures!


Happy Birthday to. . .

12/19 Tasha Blaine

12/23 Allyson Lannom

12/29 Kelly Severs

1/12 Crystal Monson

1/26 Jyoti Patel

Upcoming DUE DATES


  • 12/14 Lesson Plans due in the Shared Folder before the start of the school day.
  • 12/14 Progress Reports to Go Home with students

News you need to know!

SBE Facebook posts - If you have pictures that you would like for us to post on our SBE Facebook page, please send them to Mrs. Gauntt and Mr. Hodges (make sure there are no FERPA No students in the picture) with a few words about what you are doing and we'll get it posted.

Holiday Decorations - Please make sure that all holiday decorations are taken down and put away before you leave for Winter Break. Please be especially diligent about any food or drink items so that critters don't come visit us over the break.

Leaving Early - If you have been approved to leave before 3:15 please make sure to sign out using the Positive Proof system. Thank you!

Classroom Websites - As I mentioned during our August PD, I am trying to do a better job of keeping our campus page of the website updated. I fell behind a little bit, but finally got caught up. I noticed that some of the classroom websites needed some updating. Take a moment to look over the tabs of your classroom website and make sure that all of the information under all tabs is current with the most up-to-date information. Thank you!

Holiday Parties - Parents will have to use their id to check in using the Positive Proof system in order to attend the Holiday Parties. Please let parents know as they are asking about the party so that they are not surprised by the line to check in. Thanks!

Refrigerator - The refrigerator will be cleaned out over the break, so please make sure that you take anything with you that you want to keep. :)