St. Patrick's Day Festival

By Jack and Erika

Democratic (Achievement-Oriented)

Managers are open to new ideas and seek suggestions from employees. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas to the decision. This means facilitating the conversation, encouraging people to share their ideas, and then synthesizing all the available information into the best possible decision.


  • communication
  • listening skills
  • empathy
  • persuasion
  • empathy

Plans for St. Patrick's Day Festival


  • Publix provides food supplies at discount
  • Volunteers for the festival

Time Management

  • 12:00pm festival begins
  • Trivia, moonwalks, face paint, etc.
  • Games (dunk the leprechaun, scavenger hunts, and more)
  • Food (barbecue, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.)
  • 8:00pm and on live concert (performances from Taylor Swift and Drake)
  • 12:00am festival ends

Human Relations

  • Geared more towards kids during the time
  • Geared more towards adults during the night
  • overall family friendly

Nonverbal Communication

  • Promotion on social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Distribution of the flyer in Buford area