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1st Marking Period Reflection

We wish each of our Navigator families a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving break filled with family time. We hope that our students take time to give thanks and reflect on their year so far. The first marking period is behind us and the Navigator teachers give thanks for the wonderful students on Team Navigator. They are hard working, thoughtful, and kind. We have been impressed with the growth our students have shown so far and will look for this effort to continue the rest of the year.

Throughout this first marking period, Team Navigator students have been busy adjusting to the expectations of their teachers while delving into the rigors of the eighth grade curriculum. Students in all math classes have completed their "post-summer" review and are exploring new concepts. In Science, students have completed their unit on Astronomy and should be experts on the stars and the dynamics of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Ask your child to point out a constellation or describe a moon phase to you! In English, students have heard about great books to read through their peer's Summer Reading Book-in-a Bag presentations and have mastered an appreciation for, and analysis of, the short story. Students have examined the historical aspects of America during both the Colonial and Revolutionary time periods in Social Studies. Your child can cure your headache with herbs, teach you some "Revolutionary" dance moves, and make decorative Colonial ornaments for your house; all skills they learned during our Revolutionary Life Day. Thank you to all the families that sent in baked goods, drinks, and paper products for our Revolutionary Life Day. It was a great success! Students are also developing bilingual skills, reading captivating SSR books, and learning new technology skills. Ask your child to share some of this new knowledge or emerging skills with you!

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Important Dates:

  • Parent/Student-Teacher Conferences: November 19th & 20th
  • Thanksgiving Break for Students: November 19th - 23rd
  • Parent Portal Opens for 1st Marking Period Grades: November 21st
  • 1st Marking Period Report Cards: November 26
  • TMS Winter Concerts 7-9pm: December 4th and 5th
  • 2nd Marking Period IPR's: December 21st (subject to change)
  • Winter Break: December 24th -January 1st
  • End of 2nd Marking Period: February 1st