Mrs. Morehead's Weekly News

January 22nd, 2016

Building and Modifying Robots

Students are well under way with constructing their robots. Their task is to modify the robot to collect five blocks scattered in a course, and move them to a safe zone. The students sketched and built their modifications, and sketched and created the course for the robot to move through. After all students complete this task, we will move on to the Robot Challenge, which is to program the robot to move through coding only (no controllers)!

Below are a few pictures of our robot partners with their modified robots.

Dare Graduation February 2nd

Don't forget our DARE Graduation will be February 2nd at 7:00 pm. Graduation is at the high school. Students should wear their red DARE shirt, and be there by 6:45 to line up.

What are we learning?

Students completed brainstorming and some drafted their own fables. We will publish these next week as a culmination to our fable mini unit. In ELA, students are also learning about non-fiction texts, and their text structure. In math, we are dividing 3 and 4 digit numbers by 2 digit dividends. Students will move on to dividing decimals next week, and we will take our end of module assessment next Tuesday, Feb. 2nd. In science, we are continuing with our robots, and Genius Hour projects on Fridays.