Sports Awareness


Pros of playing sports and/or being physically active

"Sports" means games or activities that have rules and are often competitive. Sports improve your overall health in a lot of aspects. It will change your body physically in a positive way as well as your mind. Not only does this allow you to stay in shape and healthy but sports allow you to emotionally settle yourself and could even keep you out of trouble! Sports is a very good way to keep you busy so you can't get in trouble.

This will all follow up with a healthy lifestyle. Sports allow the creation of friendships and leadership skills as well as communication and teamwork. Sports bring friends, family, and coaches together which allow you to all get together and support one another. Sports nutrition is where a healthy lifestyle should come into play. Typically playing sports you need a lot of energy to withstand all physical activity increasing your endurance but you need a energy source. Sports nutrition means a balanced diet which should consist of eating healthy which will improve your body and mentally make you feel better. Sports should be a positive aspect in life and every person should experience it and give it a try.