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Trip to Korea!!!

Papi makes long trip to Korea, he has to stop in Japan on the way back. And he brought yummy, yummy snacks on the way back. He was gone five days and came back on Friday. When he got back a big surprise was waiting!!! (Look at the next paragraph to know more)
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A clean Garage:)

After four days of hard work, a clean and pretty -on one side- garage was a big surprise for papi, the legendary traveler. The ugly side of the garage was painted bright orange =( by weird picking color bro. The beautiful perfect side of the garage was a soft, comforting light yellow painted by me. It made up for the ugly orange!!

Power outage

Monday there was a black out. Everyone had to use candles to see. My family played cards and for dinner we had lentils that got cooked before, but nothing else was cooked and ready! After cards I went up the dark stairs and into the dark bathroom to get ready for bed. It is spooky to not hear the tv downstairs blabbing away.