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January 2019

Congratulations to all Yudansha who promoted in December!

In December, we had the unique pleasure of having FIVE Karate-ka demonstrating for a new Yudansha Rank!

Congratulations to:

Logan Wallis earning Shodan

Cesar Colunga earning Nidan

Samantha Gant earning Nidan

Senpai Tom Scott earning Yodan

Senpai Bryan Nixon earning Yodan

The black belt testing process is a 6 month rigorous process which requrires a minimum of four phases through competition. The Demonstration phase was held in the December after the candidates successfully passed their Dan Grading Exam with the WIKF Chief Instruction Sensei Wicks in October. The candidates had an outstanding demonstration and deserve many congratulations.

Further, the testing process and demonstration phase is not completed in isolation; many other students were involved as being use partners and sources of support. Our testing process is difficult, but it is an honored journey that makes the demonstration phrase a powerful experience.

Sensei Gatchalian and Sensei Garcia did not have a demonstration portion but tested in October with Sensei Wicks and have earned Godan rank.

As each student learns through promotion, physical skills are not the only thing assessed during the testing process, but also the development of understanding of principals and concepts. As Karate-ka transition and promote to the Yudansha, these documents develop as a method of giving back to the students new insights and perspectives. Please take a look into the Yudansha written portion of their process.

Logan Wallis - Essence of KarateDo

Cesar Colunga - Way of Harmony and Life

Samantha Gant - Essence of Wado

Senpai Tom Scott - A Better Life

Senpai Bryan Nixon - A Better Life and Legacy

Sensei Vincent Garcia - Do; Define Your Way, Define Your Path


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The newest addition to our Social Media Lineup is our beginner curriculum with Senpai Scott and Nidan Colunga! Dojo students now have access to videos on curriculum, kata, and drills from home whenever they go ONLINE! Our YouTube channel provides high-quality video with demonstrations and explanations on the various karate topics taught in class. We hope that you utilize this opportunity to continue your karate training at home! Find us on YouTube under the name Academy of Classical Karate.

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