Lincoln's Assassination

Planned Or Perfect Timing?

Lincoln's Death

Friday, April 14th 1865 at 12am

Fords Theatre

Lincoln was shot on this day at Fords Theater by a criminal that most people believe was John Wilkes Booth, a very successful actor and nice man at the time.

{Couldn't Find An Exact Time}

How Was Lincoln Assassinated?

Lincoln's assassination unwittingly occurred because circumstances easily allowed it to happen.

1st Reason To Back Up Claim

There was no one guarding Lincoln at the time.


Lincoln was not being watched by security at the time of the assassination.

More Evidence?

Lincoln was open and could be clearly seen by everyone in the audience at the time. Anyone could have killed him.

Counter Claim Anyone?

Lincoln was killed because Booth hatched a plan to kill him before hand and went through with it.

Booth Didn't Plan Lincoln's Assassination Because?

Booth happened to find an opening that Lincoln was not guarded by anyone at the time and when everyone was already immersed in the play. Lincoln could have been killed by anyone at that time fairly easy.

Another Counter?

Of the estimated 1700 people in the theater at the time, it is very unlikely that no one would have seen the killer and stopped him before he made it to Lincoln.

No One Saw The Killer Because?

Lincolns killer decided to attack when he knew that no one was looking during the 3rd act of the play which fits into the fact that the killer in question had an opening that they decided to take.