Asbestos, the Ever-Lasting Problem

By: Robbie Brustkern

What is Asbestos?

You are probably wondering "what is asbestos?" Well, asbestos are EXTREMELY small fibers that are inhaled into the lungs. Some of the fibers are then removed from the body through exhaling, but some are lodged into your lungs, FOREVER! These will eventually start to cause many, MANY health problems. So BEWARE!

Here are some TERRIBLE effects of asbestos poisoning.

Here is what the Experts advice

Sir Peter Gluckman says that the building's with asbestos are usualy mixed in with concrete textured ceilings and water heaters. He also says that usually, only houses from the 1980's and below are the dangerous ones, so stay away from those as much as possible an if you have to, use proper equipment when handling.

There you have it

These are all good reasons of why you NEED to be safe around areas with asbestos. Also just now, the effects of asbestos are PERMANENT! The effects very rarely subside and your condition stays the same or worsens. So wear protective face masks and googles when handling these things, and be safe around asbestos. Also make sure to have an expert go through your home to test for and get rid of asbestos.
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